Introducing Habitat:
An Orbital Strategy Game

Habitat is a space-themed strategy game that places you in high orbit around a ravaged Earth far in the future. Your survival depends on your ability to sift through centuries of floating space junk to construct a sustainable base. Leading a team of engineers in salvaging operations and construction, you’ll be faced with grim choices where managing your limited resources can mean the difference between life and death.

In Ongoing Development for
PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Created in Unity by Seattle based game developer 4gency, Habitat is currently in Early Access development for PC, Mac, and Linux. A single-player sandbox exploration, construction, and destruction mode is planned for the Alpha, followed by a dynamic campaign set in Earth’s far future.


Explore a rich zero-gravity playground full of tools, weapons, and mysteries. Experience physics-driven exploration and destruction in dynamic environments where the fight for survival is never-ending.


Craft your city out of asteroids, rockets, satellites, and a variety of stellar debris. Anything you find while combing through the Earth’s vast cloud of space junk can be combined to create your custom floating fortress.


Face off with foes and raiders using crafted orbital weapons, junkyard-style. Fight using physics and turn everything you discover in orbit against your enemies.


Manage and upgrade your cities, unlock powerful new technologies, and expand your empire to create humanity’s future home among the stars.

We are 4Gency

Charles Cox
Founder, CEO

We were founded in 2011 by Charles, who brings a over a decade of experience spanning PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mobile as a designer, programmer and management professional.

Elbert Perez
Development Director

Elbert is a one-two punch of technical and creative thinking in a passionate persona and has worked on and self published more than 25 indie and AAA games since 2005.

Chris Chin
3D Artist

Chris is a 3D specialist with over a decade’s worth of digital media experience and well over a dozen shipped titles across PC, console, handheld and mobile platforms.

Henry Tang

Henry is an accomplished game programmer of over seven years, who has worked across multiple platforms and titles, specializing in gameplay and user interface development.